Fireworks and the Aftermath…

It seems this city has a love/hate relationship with fireworks. Depending on the year, the political climate and the changing ordinances, you never know what to expect. I cannot remember when two consecutive years were the same. This leaves residents in a quandary. On top of it all, I don’t think the city can enforce the rules or even wants to. Even if they tried, I don’t believe they could be successful.

I read on Nextdoor numerous complaints from residents about fireworks being used after required hours, dogs being bothered by the noise, and messes it creates. It seems there are no easy fixes.

Don’t get me wrong. July 4th is a wonderful day to celebrate our countries independence. Especially this year when I decided to take a 4 day weekend. I love fireworks and would like to see them in a well-organized area (maybe Northwestway Park) with supervision. I don’t want to see them in your normal Pike neighborhoods where there can be a high liability for homeowners associations and residents.

I have lived in the same Pike neighborhood for 30 years. I also have been and currently on the Board of Directors of my homeowner’s association. We have been fortunate to have had private security patrol our neighborhood. This has helped tremendously around the 4th. You see, we don’t allow fireworks in my community. That said, it does not stop residents from saying “never heard of that rule.”

20 years ago I would walk through the community picking up used fireworks and filling several trash bags. This year I could have done the same seeing that our private security did not show up. The evening of the 4th was like a war zone in my community.

As a 17 year Realtor specializing in Pike Township properties, I understand what it takes to sell communities. Seeing tons of used fireworks in the streets is not what buyers want to see.

What happens when one of these fireworks chasers go off and ends up under a car and starts a fire?

What happens when a skyrocket with its sparks starts a fire on top of the roof of a house?

What happens when firecrackers start a fire in a driveway where the residents have been working on their cars and have left oil, gas and flammable liquids on the ground?

Again, this is not what potential buyers want to see in a neighborhood.

What is the solution? I don’t have one. What I want is Pike residents to be able to sell their homes when they want to and not be challenged by July 4th aftermath. Is it too much to ask Pike residents to be responsible and realize that their actions have consequences?

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