I Became A Pike Schools Ambassador

Earlier this year I was invited to Pike Schools with a group of people to learn about the schools, be introduced to staff/teachers, experience a school bus ride and have dinner at their High School restaurant that was run by students. Pike Schools have come a long way since my son graduated there in 2002. Their High School studies now include Barbering, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical Services, Health Sciences, Culinary Arts & Hospitality and HVAC.

I was amazed. Touring the halls of the High School I felt like I needed GPS.

In the past I always volunteered for Realtor Day Breakfast helping Sarah Dorsey (Communications Officer) with contacting all the Realtors. Realtor Day had always included a short tour of the High School and Freshman Center. Pike Ambassadors program was on 4 different days a month apart. It was much more extensive and at some of the other Pike schools.

I just received the following certificate and picture of the group.

What you may not know about Pike Schools

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