Made In America…

I got an email this morning from an agent in our company that was quite interesting. It had a very short video link that was about a house that was completely made in America. When I say that, I mean everything that was used to build the house was made in America. The paint, the nails, every screw, every plank of wood, the electrical parts, everything! What I never thought about was that if all houses were “Made in America” houses, it would increase job growth tremendously. According to the video it would only increase the house price by about 1 percent. Considering that the average cost of a newly built home in Pike Township is about $150,000, the increase to the consumer would be about $1,500. Not bad when considering you are helping job growth.

Click here to watch the video. (The first 15 seconds is a commercial. The rest of the video is 4.5 minutes long.)

Click here for the list of American companies from the video.

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