New Pike Housing Development Coming…

Up to 70 new houses on 49 acres. Looking at the numbers it looks like .7 acre plots. Unfortunately not all the land is buildable and lot size will be closer to 1/3 of an acre. The address on the proposal is 7275 Lakeside Drive although this entrance will be blocked and a new entrance at about 7500 Marsh Road will be the entrance. The residents fought hard to have the 7275 Lakeside Drive entrance blocked except for emergency vehicles. They did not want the traffic through Lakeside. Most likely there will be a gate at that entrance.

There was a house on the 49 acres with tennis courts. It will be torn down and taken out. Ron Fisher, a local Pike developer, will develop the new community. At the time of this writing, a builder has not been picked. Ron Fisher developed the Lakeside Woods community in the 1990’s. He also developed Pikewood in the mid 2000’s.

Ron wants to develop houses similar to the Lakeside Woods development in the 250 to 350K price point. He says that it will be done in 3 years. Because that price point only represents 4 percent of the Pike housing market, I am skeptical. Timberview at 46th and Raceway Road has the same price point. Development on the 90 lots started 8 years ago in 2005. They are 2/3 done. Ron said it was because they did not have a Model home. Actually they did when it started. During the down housing years they did not. When I asked Ron if his development would have a Model home, he said he did not know because they had not picked a builder.

In September Ron and his attorney presented to Pike Township Residents Association. At the Oct. PTRA meeting, the proposal was supported. The City recently approved the development.

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